Outdoor Stage

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Outdoor Stage

Licensed, All Ages & Family Area

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Location of Event: West of the Track Committee Contacts: Ron Grandy and Rob Hanson

Join us all weekend at the “Outdoor Stage” for a refreshing beverage and to sit down and enjoy some live music inside of our licensed area.

The Outdoor Stage located in the South end of the grounds near the track. It’s the best place to meet up with old friends, take a load off, and relax out of the Sun.

There are multiple musical acts to choose from from upbeat country music in the evening to live acoustic entertainment in the afternoons for the whole family!

Entertainment Line Up

Join us on Thursday, Friday and Saturday Evenings for Music Under The Stars! Then again during Saturday and Sunday Afternoons for family friendly music, food, fun and sun!


9 p.m. Billard Blossom https://youtu.be/QDgxX_1LhPs?t=24s


5 p.m. Instant Rivalry https://youtu.be/K7JO9daAR30?t=13s 9 p.m. James Barker Band https://youtu.be/-G-a8bZcqsI?t=10s


1 p.m. Julien Kelland https://youtu.be/00AmuSJIY-4?t=3s 4 p.m. Eric Lambier Unplugged https://youtu.be/HW7IKuT12Us?t=4s 9 p.m. Eric Lambier Band https://youtu.be/rRlxspAkr9M


11 a.m. Spring Sing Youth Talent Show (enter contest here) Please note our licensed area is located to the West of the track on the South end of the fair grounds. Alcohol sales will be limited to the follow times: Thursday June 2nd – 4:00PM to 11:00PM Friday June 3rd – 4:00PM to 11:30PM Saturday June 4th – 11:00AM to 11:30PM Sunday June 5th – 11:00AM to 4:00PM